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COGNITY Training

We are a training and advisory company specialising mainly in training courses in MS Office 
and other computer programs supporting the work of modern organisations.


We offer the following types of training and advisory services:





  • Comfortable conditions of training sessions,
  • Quick and reliable information about services,
  • Professional assistance in choosing the level and type of training,
  • Focusing on the specific needs of individual clients,
  • Post-training assistance for clients who complete a training course,
  • Training materials available both in print and online.




  • Permanent, qualified training staff.
  • Practitioners, with many years of professional experience in business environment. 
  • Specialists who constantly improve their qualifications and skills.
  • Our staff consists of trainers who are required to have not only knowledge, experience and practice in the subject-mater of the training they give but also high social and methodological skills.



Training programmes

  • Thanks to in-depth pre-training audits, our training programmes are tailored to the individual needs of participants.
  • They provide practical problem-solving knowledge.
  • They ensure assistance in implementing solutions.
  • They combine diversified and pro-active methods of instruction.



"Learning by doing" at Cognity

  • Participants actively solve practical problems based on real-life situations.
  • The "learning by doing" method develops certain habits in participants, which they will later find it easy to apply in their everyday work.
  • Sessions in small groups (no more than 10 persons per group).
  • Training in the form of 1.5 hour long dynamic and practical sessions.



Reliability and credentials

Our clients are numerous Polish and international companies and organisations whose employees attend our open and in-company training courses.
So far, we have trained hundreds of individuals and more than 130 companies.
The level of our services is proven by the satisfaction of our clients. You are welcome to view the credentials they have given us so far.



Entry in the register of training institutions

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Call us and find out what we can do for you.
 Tel. +48 12 421 87 54, biuro@cognity.pl

Selected clients: